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Hilde Adolf (b.13. May 1953 in Bremerhaven; d. 16 January 2002 in Bremerhaven)

Politics for the People
A Passionate Doer with a Sense of Humour

The Social Democratic politician Hilde Adolf – who served as Senator of Employment, Women, Youth and Social Affairs – was the first woman from Bremerhaven in the Bremen senate. A lawyer, social politician and cabaret artist, she advocated equal rights for women and worked to improve the social situation of the underprivileged.

Hilde Adolf grew up in simple circumstances. For the most part, she financed her law studies in Göttingen and Bremen on her own. In 1987, Hilde Adolf launched her professional career working for a female lawyer in Bremerhaven. There it became more evident to her than ever that efforts to prevent violence against women had to be carried out on the political as well as the personal level.

Hilde Adolf became the director of the “Central Office to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women” in Bremerhaven, and also served as deputy to the state women’s affairs officer, member of the committee on gender equality of the Association of German Cities and Towns, and speaker of the federal German association of municipal gender equality offices (BAG). She conceived of herself as a feminist, a woman who “fights for women”.

Having represented the SPD in the Bremen parliament for many years, she was eventually appointed Senator of Employment, Women, Youth and Social Affairs (1999) – thus becoming the first woman to represent the interests of the people of Bremerhaven in the capacity of senator. Hilde Adolf was a member of the local political cabaret “Die Müllfischer”. On 16 January 2002, just forty-eight years of age, she died in a car accident on the way from Bremen to her home in Bremerhaven.

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