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Bertha Lindemann worked as an elementary school teacher, social worker and housemistress for forty years. She taught at a German school in China from 1928 to 1932, supervised girls from Bremen who had been sent to Hesse for protection from aerial bombing during World War II, and established a school hostel with her husband.

Bertha Katharine Luise Lindemann, née Schierenbeck, came from a middle-class home. Her father was a teacher and member of the Bremen parliament. In 1920 she earned her teaching certificate (“Erstes Staatsexamen”) from a teacher-training institute in Bremen. When she had to give up her job to make way for a returning soldier, she went to China for four years to teach at a German school.
Later she returned to Bremen and the city’s school system and met the man she was to marry. In the 1930s, with parents of the “Schule am Geschworenen Weg” Bertha and Hermann Lindemann established a school hostel in rural Everinghausen. During the war, Bertha Lindemann directed a camp in Hesse for girls sent from Bremen to protect them from aerial warfare.

After the war, the Lindemanns took in refugee children and gave them school instruction at the Everinghausen hostel; later they did the same for children with behavioural problems. From 1951 onwards, Bertha Lindemann taught at the school in Kornstrasse. A cosmopolitan at heart, Bertha Lindemann continued travelling until a very advanced age. She lived to be 102.

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