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Dr. Rosemarie Pohl-Weber, née Weber

(b. 1 December 1926 in Münster; d. 7 July 1990 in Bremen)

Dr. Rosemarie Pohl-Weber was the first woman in Bremen to be entrusted with a museum directorship. From 1975 she held the post of director of the Focke Museum (the Bremen state museum of art and cultural history). In this capacity she succeeded in securing the museum’s traditions while at the same time introducing new accents. Various museum-education offers were established during her time in office.

Having studied ethnology, history, art history and German and earning her doctorate, Dr. Pohl-Weber was initially employed at the Focke Museum as a curator. She supervised the recovery of the remains of the Cog of Bremen found in 1962, even diving down to the vessel lying at the bottom of the Weser River in a diving bell and working there.

Herself successful in her career, Dr. Pohl-Weber was aware of the limitations women faced professionally. In a lecture she lamented the lack of opportunities for exchange: “Why can men meet and talk to each other about lots of important things, pave an important professional ground for themselves in a friendly atmosphere?” Dr. Rosemarie Pohl-Weber was married and had one son. She died before reaching retirement.

Edith Laudowicz