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Käte van Tricht

(b. 22 October 1909 in Berlin; d. 13 July 1996 in Bremen)

Käte van Tricht was the organist of the Bremen Cathedral for forty years. The first German woman concert organist, she performed internationally and recorded numerous records and CDs.

The daughter of a Dutch musician, Käte van Tricht already learned to play the piano and organ at an early age. Having trained as a music teacher, she took up her first post as an organist in the Old Church of Walle. In 1933 she was hired as second organist at the Cathedral of St. Peter. In 1934 she went to Leipzig to perfect her performance on the organ, and there also completed training as a singer. Her artistic career was brought to an abrupt end by the National Socialists because of her father’s Jewish ancestry.    

Käte van Tricht then earned a living as répétiteuse at the state theatre. In this function she was responsible for the musical accompaniment of instrumentalists, singers and dancers on the piano. She married and had two sons.

After the war, Käte van Tricht launched a second career as concert organist. She performed in Europe and overseas and made numerous radio and LP recordings. She realized her early ambitions in the area of popular music by performing songs and chansons, for example at the silent film cinema in Blumenthal.

After her retirement, Käte van Tricht continued her activities as organist and concert organizer at the St. Jürgen Hospital in Bremen. She also conducted a string orchestra and taught at Bremen University.Edith Laudowicz