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Elisabeth Loesche

(b. 1896 in Bautzen; d. 1 September 1967 in Bremen)

In the 1950s, Elisabeth Loesche was a dedicated CDU (Christian Democratic Party) politician who, in her capacity as member of the Bremen parliament and the Bremen “Frauenausschuss”  (confederation of women’s associations), was particularly active in the areas of housing construction and women’s politics.

Elisabeth Loesche was born in Bautzen in 1896, daughter of an army officer. After completing the “Höhere Mädchenschule” (secondary school for girls) in Leipzig and receiving a degree from a women’s school of social work, she served as a kindergarten teacher and director. In Leipzig she belonged to the circle of the Confessing Church.

After 1945, Elisabeth Loesche joined the CDU in the Soviet-occupied zone and was a member of the party executive in Leipzig. In 1948 she moved to Bremen because her husband had taken a position at the “Pädagogische Hochschule” (college of education). Elisabeth Loesche became chairman of the CDU committee on women and was also active in the Bremen “Frauenausschuss”, the confederation of women’s associations of Bremen.

In 1951 Elisabeth Loesche ran for parliament and represented the CDU there until 1959. She was particularly dedicated to the cause of social housing construction, in which context she advocated functional kitchen designs. From 1951 to 1955 and 1957 to 1959 she held the office of secretary in the parliamentary executive committee. In 1959 Elisabeth Loesche changed to the German Party (DP) in response to debates over the CDU party programme. She did not succeed in returning to parliament to represent her new party.

Dr. Renate Meyer-Braun in "Bremer Frauen von A bis Z. Ein biografisches Lexikon"