Frauen im Aufbruch - eine Ausstellung in Bremen -  Wednesday, 19. January 2022
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The exhibition Women Emerging: A Century of Economic and Cultural History in Bremen will introduce twelve women born in the greater metropolitan area of Bremen/Bremerhaven, who have lived and had an impact here and elsewhere during the past hundred years, and carved out places for themselves in the collective memory. They exemplify the generation of women who set out to redefine their place in society in the last century. The still-to-be-selected women whose life paths we would like to explore can have earned their merits in the areas of sports, politics, business or culture, the church or volunteer work – in other words: anywhere.

The regional focus on the achievements of women with origins in Bremen, Bremerhaven and the surrounding area of Lower Saxony is here intended as a special way of enabling identification with these pioneers and drivers of innovation.

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